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The Cattery

Bushey Cattery began its life in the spring of ’97 at the bottom of a delightful garden backing onto the local park. It has twelve pens capable of housing two and three cats, plus a couple of holding units for changeovers at busy times. And there’s a sick bay next to the office – just in case.

Each pen has its own covered, open-air run and an insulated, full-height cabin with a thermostatically controlled, infra-red heater to maintain comfortable temperatures. Our CCTV cameras scan the interior of the cattery unit 24 hours a day.

Looking after your cat

Normal feeding times are 7a.m. and 5p.m. Most popular wet foods are available, including Whiskas and Felix, plus a wide range of dry foods. If your cat has special dietary needs – a prescription diet maybe – you’ll need to supply us with sufficient for his or her stay.

Your cat may be undergoing treatment which needs to be continued while he or she is with us. We need you to tell us about this in advance. 

The cattery is licensed by the local authority. Our licence requires us, amongst other things, to produce current vaccination certificates for every cat within the unit. You will be asked to leave your cat’s certificate with us throughout his/her stay.

Fleas are not welcome. Please be sure that your cat is free of them before arrival. Systemic flea treatments – the dab on the back of the neck preparations – need to be applied monthly, throughout the year. We strongly recommend this form of treatment. And please remember indoor cats can get fleas too

To view Busheycats licence Click Here